Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Camp

I am a bad blogger. But now I have something to blog about. I do not have any pictures because my camera is broken. But I will write about our Family/Youth Camp.

Wednesday: Laura and Elizabeth Dickinson needed a ride to camp, so Mom and I took them early because Mom needed to go the Staff Meeting. Dad and the boys would come later. Since we were following the Ridlespurges the whole way there, Katie Farr rode in our van with us. On the way, we stopped at Hardees(or Carl's Jr. depending on where you come from) and got Frisco burgers. We finally got to camp and played games while the Staff were meeting in the cafeteria. There was pool, Ping-Pong, 4-square, air-hockey, and a lot of other games. When the Staff Meeting was over, Mom drove us to the cabin to unpack. We were at a new campground this year, and the Girls Cabin was a big building with a long hallway down the middle, and the separate rooms to either side of the hallway. We found our cabin and unpacked everything and then went to the main building for dinner and church, which were both very good. The food there is SO great!!!! We had spaghetti that night and it was fantastic! The service was really awesome too.

Thursday: People in our cabin were Me, Madison Cox, Kayla Wallace, Kaleigh Brooks, and Elizabeth Dickinson. Again the food was good. We went through our day without hardly a problem. Swimming time was so fun. We got an extra 15 minutes because we won the cleanest cabin.

Friday was much like Thursday, again we won the cleanest cabin. But we felt sorry for the little girls ages 6-9 because they wanted the cleanest cabin so bad. So we went to the Dean and tried to give them our extra swim time. The Dean said that since we were so nice, and they did such a good job with cleaning their cabin that we could both have the extra fifteen minutes. :-)

Saturday: Won the cleanest cabin again, along with the little girls too. Mom, Mitchell and I did a prank on the Dean's car. We covered it( I mean covered it) in post-it notes. Luckily, she found it and was able to get all of the sticky-notes off of it before it began to rain. It was very funny, though Mom and I expected to be expected to have done this. :-)

Sunday. Had a good last service and said good-bye to everyone. I slept all the way home and most of the afternoon. Still exhausted though. It will take a few days to get into normal routine again, because I slept in till 10:40 and only woke up because I had a phone-call coming in. Bummer. Think of all the precious hours I could have slept! Oh-well.


Saturday: Our