Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh Yeah!

One more thing! I know it sounds silly, but pray for my fish. His name is Julius. I think He has fin rot, which is a lack of copper and iron in the body. He is really sick. PLEASE PRAY! and then go back and read the post that I posted about five minutes ago....

nothing to say.... nothing to say

got to blog, nothing to blog. little dilemma there. But hmmmmmmm. Nothing to say....nothing to say. Hard to believe that I, KATIE HORNE would have NOTHING to say to blogland. Dad, Sam and I have been listening to Christmas music. Mom is getting really irritated. Scrooge. Joe is the one that she should be irritated at. I sure am getting irritated. Germ FREAK! He will just stand there(or sit there) with his hands far away from him because of GERMS! They are around! He cannot stop them! and he certainly cannot just stand somewhere and wait for them to go away. Because. They. Won't. Go. Away. I wish he could get that through his thick skull. And then with all of his other problamos, He Is Convinced that he is going to grow up to be a super genius. Grrrr. He is not a super genius and he will never be a super genius. But He Is Convinced. (see THE HORNE GAZETTE). Oh well. I guess that is it. It was a lousy post, but thanks for reading anyway. It is better when I wait a month and then I have a lot to talk about. But I just wasted about 10 minutes of my day. And yours. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Somehow I don't feel evil. hmmmmmmm

Friday, November 15, 2013

Stupid Boots and other things

Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid STUPID BOOTS!!! I still like them and everything, but they hurt like murder, especially when you go shopping and are walking around ALL DAY LONG and didn't bring a change of shoes. That is what happened to me on a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago. The Boys had gone up to TN to spend a week with Grandma. So Me, Mom, and Dad were alone to enjoy life without noise, chaos, hassle, spankings, etc. We decided that we would spend a couple of hours ( notice the bold word and the underlined sentence) out in Hoover. My understanding was lunch and TWO stores. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! After Olive Garden we went to Justice, Lego Store, Ross, Sears, Macy's, Rack Room Shoes, World Market, 2nd N Charles, AND Christmas Tree Shops. ( That is only what I remember). >:-( After that (nice) little outing, I could not walk more than a few steps, ( which I guess is just as well, because after that Mom and I sat down and watched two movies) which I might add for clarification we NEVER do. It is seldom that we watch even one movie, maybe once a week. But, with the stressful little heathens gone, we felt like we were in happy vacation mode. :-) But with that said, let me continue on with my list of things to write about. 1: Youth Retreat! Woo-Hoo! My first Youth Retreat, it was the best Youth Retreat I have ever been to. It was a learning experience for not only my spiritual life, but just life in general. (If you want the details, speak to me face to face and alone.) Brandon Keel is our Alabama Youth Director and he did a great job! Sis. Mary Shelton from TN was the guest speaker and it was sooooooooooooooo good to have her, her son, and Sis. Red there too. Sis. Kimmi, Bro. Brandon's wife did a class on modesty for the girls. It was straight and to the point, THIS is not modest, but THIS is. She did a fantastic job and said it in a way that it was not hurtful, but also Biblical. 2. After the boys got home the next thing on the list was Sam's # 10 Birthday. WOW. Did I say 10? I did. Hmmm. He got: Legos, (of course), a cowboy rope, and Matt Dillon sign(from Grandma), I got him the new Lego Minifigure: THE ELF(which goes so well with his Santa Claus)
Which comes with a present and a teddy bear.
UNTIL NOW: there has been nothing much going on, but tonight we have Band Meeting, so I had better shut up, and finish getting ready.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm sooooooooooo happy and here's the reason why:

You can't see it that good in the pictures.....but here is a pair of my brand new HIGH-HEELED boots!!!!!!! Can you see why I'm happy? See, Mom said that I could never wear heels until I was 12, and so since February, we have been on the lookout for cute, not-so-high-heeled shoes, and until just the other day, we have been unsuccessful in this mission. On Friday and Saturday we went to a bunch of yard sales and we were lucky this time by finding rich people, their daughter-in-law(I think) bought these boots and only wore them once or twice before putting them in the yard sale. There were actually two pair....a black pair(as shown above) and an identical set the color of brown. I got them for a REALLY good deal for what the boots are worth.
OK, that behind us, I have a lot to catch up on. Hmmmmm.... let's see. OK....
Ah, yes. The first thing on the list is Tannehill. Ok about a month ago we went on a little visit to a National Park a few miles from where we live called Tannehill. It was a Civil War site where they made iron ammo and weapons. Some places there were actually used as a battle field. Many funny memories rest in our family of Tannehill(does this sound familiar Sis. Kimmi?) The park is a big one and has many festivals and such there from time to time. On this particular trip, it was SUPPOSED to be an "Iron Pour" where they show how blacksmiths melted iron to make the ammo and stuff. Also there are little log cabins that you can go into and in those little cabins there are people that show you how to make things that Civil War people needed back in the day:


Well, I guess that is it. Thanks for reading!!!!!!
~Katie~ <3

Friday, August 30, 2013


badbadbadbadbadbadbad blogger. uggh. Busybusy. uggh. Been both, and I don't like myself for it. I am just going to post some pictures from the Assembly this time:
 Brother Byers...:-P
 I miss the people from Hatch NM a lot, I was glad to see Bro. Luis
 He really got into it..
 Beautiful Parade of Nations, I have a lot of really good pictures.
 I LOVED his message, he did a really good job:-)
 Love this picture!
 And these..........

 This picture is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
 This was sooooooo cool!
The Children's Assembly Program was a laugh riot because Joe had his sailor's hat up-side-sown. Dope! :-)

Well, I guess that is it right now talk 2 u later!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Camp

I am a bad blogger. But now I have something to blog about. I do not have any pictures because my camera is broken. But I will write about our Family/Youth Camp.

Wednesday: Laura and Elizabeth Dickinson needed a ride to camp, so Mom and I took them early because Mom needed to go the Staff Meeting. Dad and the boys would come later. Since we were following the Ridlespurges the whole way there, Katie Farr rode in our van with us. On the way, we stopped at Hardees(or Carl's Jr. depending on where you come from) and got Frisco burgers. We finally got to camp and played games while the Staff were meeting in the cafeteria. There was pool, Ping-Pong, 4-square, air-hockey, and a lot of other games. When the Staff Meeting was over, Mom drove us to the cabin to unpack. We were at a new campground this year, and the Girls Cabin was a big building with a long hallway down the middle, and the separate rooms to either side of the hallway. We found our cabin and unpacked everything and then went to the main building for dinner and church, which were both very good. The food there is SO great!!!! We had spaghetti that night and it was fantastic! The service was really awesome too.

Thursday: People in our cabin were Me, Madison Cox, Kayla Wallace, Kaleigh Brooks, and Elizabeth Dickinson. Again the food was good. We went through our day without hardly a problem. Swimming time was so fun. We got an extra 15 minutes because we won the cleanest cabin.

Friday was much like Thursday, again we won the cleanest cabin. But we felt sorry for the little girls ages 6-9 because they wanted the cleanest cabin so bad. So we went to the Dean and tried to give them our extra swim time. The Dean said that since we were so nice, and they did such a good job with cleaning their cabin that we could both have the extra fifteen minutes. :-)

Saturday: Won the cleanest cabin again, along with the little girls too. Mom, Mitchell and I did a prank on the Dean's car. We covered it( I mean covered it) in post-it notes. Luckily, she found it and was able to get all of the sticky-notes off of it before it began to rain. It was very funny, though Mom and I expected to be expected to have done this. :-)

Sunday. Had a good last service and said good-bye to everyone. I slept all the way home and most of the afternoon. Still exhausted though. It will take a few days to get into normal routine again, because I slept in till 10:40 and only woke up because I had a phone-call coming in. Bummer. Think of all the precious hours I could have slept! Oh-well.


Saturday: Our

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


OK, Naomi! Here are the pictures of Julius that you asked for!!!
This is his "I'm Crabby sign"

This is Julius. It is hard to get a good picture of his because he is always swimming around. This is when I first got him when he is still orange-ish. Now he is red because of the color intensifier food for red Betas.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


No, really. Very busy. It all started when Brandon and Kimmi Keel and spent Thursday night and all day Friday with us since the lock-in started at 7:00 PM Friday night. We went to a place about 20 minutes from our house called Tannehill. It is a camp. It played an important part in the Civil War. It is a really neat place where there are neat old places where they give demonstrations of different jobs back in that day like being a blacksmith and other stuff. Iron and other  minerals were mined there to make ammunition for the war there. It is a good vacation spot because you can rent old cabins and buy things on "trade days" where people sell different items. Kind of like the fair, booths of all kinds. Also furnaces and other thinks are still there from back in the day that people can explore. Well, Dad wanted to go to an "old country store" that is there and read the map wrong. We walked and walked on that stupid never-ending trail and kept getting held up because brother Brandon and Dad kept stopping in the woods to make fun of the people on the video in the museum that they had there. So, anyway, we walked and we walked and we kept walking and we walked some more. It seemed as though the path would never end. Finally we got to a clearing. Several different booths were in that place. Finally, Mom figured out that we were on the opposite side of the campus than were we had parked our car! So I drew a map of what it was like:
I will explain. The red path is SPWWETTPIDK#1. That was the first path that we took, that Dad said that the country store was on. So now that we go from the car to the other side of the camp, we are stuck. The miles that were walked by our poor feet keeps getting better every time some one tells it, but I would say that we walked at least 5 or 6 miles. :-) OK, so now we have to walk back on the blue path. ( R U getting the picture of how easy it would have been to take the blue path in the first place??) On the blue path we stopped at the Sweet Shop and got candy. Then we continued to walk and walk and finally to that store. And it WASN'T EVEN REALLY THAT GREAT!!!!!!! And 4 out of 7 of had a LOCK-IN THAT NIGHT!!!!!!!! Staying up all night long and having fun! Oh well. We went home, got a cat nap, then brother Brandon, sister Kimmi, Mom and I all loaded up and to the Dollar Tree to get some last minute supplies. Then we went to the church, where the lock-in was going to be held. Actually, we had a good crowd there. We ordered Pizza Hut pizza and had a little cake for Laura, since it was her birthday that day. Her cousin Brianna was there, keeping us up all night. She is CRAZY! Then we did the play that the Bessemer VLB's worked really hard on. Everybody enjoyed our play. Dalton's disco costume was especially funny. We played the Wii, office chair races, and best of all, we had a snowball fight with T.P.!!! After the lock-in, we all went to our house to sleep. Dad and the boys went back to Tannehill while we were asleep. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. Yum! Well, that is about it except that Sam bought a hermit crab and is really excited about it. I told him he should name it Crunchy. :-) Adios!


Monday, April 15, 2013


This just in! New discovery that Katie Horne, publisher and reporter of "Rue's Room" been an all out bad blogger. "I have been busy!" the she states. Though some people believe her excuses, others are quite skeptical about her predicament. Other newspapers including the Horne Gazette (http:/ has reported Katie as being a very bad blogger. She admitted that she was a bad blogger and will try to do better in the future. Other than seriously snoring Sam, writing stories, going up to TN, committee meeting, gardening, driving tractors and working like crazy, (see the Horne Gazette for more details about that trip), nothing much has been happening. Ha ha! The story will be blogged later. I have to go now though. I will blog again l8ter. Adios!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


So, I don't have anything to blog, except for the fact that I am writing a "science fiction" story, but not really science fiction. I am very open to ideas and comments about the story. I will post parts of it on the blog and then the whole thing when it is finished. OK...... The first thing is the title. I am throwing around 2 ideas for the name of the story: Trapped in a Comic Book World or Star's Galaxy. Not sure. Maybe we can have a vote. OK....... next thing: I am going to blog a rough draft of the first paragraph of the story:

I was eating breakfast on Saturday morning with my favorite comic book: Star's Galaxy. I had not read this new issue yet, but I had read about it. I knew that Star,(the hero of the book) was being chased by an evil space dude with the nickname of Grizzly, and his sidekick: Slimy Sam. Sam did all the dirty work. Sam was very good at doing dirty work, (after all, he was a dirty, slimy, rascal.) Grizzly and Slimy Sam were after Star because she had space communicators and other gadgets and devices that they knew would be very useful in commiting crime. I was really excited about reading this new issue of Star's Galaxy. I slipped off my shoes and kicked them under the table. My dog, Carly, sat in them and looked up at the table just in case I happened to accidentally drop a Froot Loop. Well, I dropped a Froot Loop, but not accidentally. I finished eating, and boosted Carly up on my pal so that she could read the book too. I sneezed. ( You people out here reading this book are probably like: "Why do you have to include that you sneezed?") Well, this was no ordinary sneeze. I sneezed so hard that I felt myself falling, falling, falling. Carly started barking for all that she was worth. I suddenly landed on a partly rocky terrain. A sharp pain went up my spine. I opened my eyes but my nose and mouth were still covered by my hands. Good thing too, because all that I had seen were stars sitting on a black background before I heard the thundering of 2 sets of footsteps behind me. I turned around to recognize Grizzly and Slimy Sam running toward me. Slimy was spewing out deadly fumes out of his mouth that were getting dangerously close to me. By then I realized that I was trapped in a comic book world!!!

OK, so what do you think?!
(Comments and ideas welcome!)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hello, Blogland!!! I thought that I had better blog and tell you: Happy Easter! Interesting Easter for us. I woke up at about 7:15 at the sound of Mom putting my Easter dress that she had just ironed in the closet. Still drowsy, we talked a little about Easter as she finished hanging and smoothing the dress and then sat down on the bed. We finished talking, then I got dressed in the "over 20 year old dress that used to be my Mom's" as an Easter dress because Grandma Vicki was not able to make me a dress this year and we had an awful time shopping for a dress. I went outside and got as close a flower I could to purple Easter Lillies and got Mom to go outside with me to Charlie's Grave. Today, it has been exactly one year since we lost our wonderful lovable, "snarly" Charlie. We cried for about 10 minutes, standing by the little wooden cross, talking about what a great dog that Charlie served to be. We went inside, and I ate Cocoa Puffs for breakfast. By then the boys were up and getting ready. We went into the dining room and were not surprised to see the usual candy bowls addressed to each of us kids from Dad. But what was unusual, is what was in them. This year, Dad really outdid himself. This year, there was a big box of each of our favorite types of candy, (for me it was Skittles), Lemonheads, Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, (Yummmmm), Marshmallow Bunnies, and big Milk Chocolate Crosses. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm). But the boys and Mom had some different stuff too. Also, there was a really fun board game there for all of us. We went to church and had a GREAT service and Easter play that was practiced during Sunday School at the last minute. We invited the Ridlespurges, Sister Misti and the kids, and the Pendleys to come and eat Easter dinner with us. Katie Farr and I played alot of games. We went to church again tonight and had a very moving service. And now I am home, blogging about my very fantastic Easter Sunday. How was your Easter??? (Comment.........)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Taa-daa!! I finally wanted to change my blog background and so I looked for a "spring-looking" background, and I found several that would work, but I ended up settling on this one. I think it suits me well :-) What do you think? (That is an open door for commenting) Oh-well. There is nothing to blog about because we haven't been doing anything. Well, last night the Ridlespurges showed up and so they stayed and talked and stayed and talked and stayed and talked and so on. So us kids went up stairs and got PJ's on and watched 2 "Bonanzas" and Then we watched the old Underdog that Dad used to watch when he was a kid. We watched two episodes of that last night too, and then since Friday night is the "stay up late and read and draw and do whatever you want till your eyeballs bulge out of your head" night. Well my left eyeball got to bulging and watering so bad I had to take a break twice last night and then I just gave up on trying to read. I went to bed at about 11:30 last night, which is still early for the usual time that we go to bed. If your wondering, my left eye is the eye that Sam shot with a rubber-band gun at close range. Dad noticed that it has been really blood-shot since then, and sometimes it will start watering really bad, especially late at night. Be praying for my eye. Also pray for the revival down in Alexander City. It is still going on and has been glorious, but I don't think that we will make it down there tonight. :-( Oh-well. I guess that is it!!! See you tomorrow, BlogLand!!!!

P.S. On a second thought tomorrow is Sunday. Sorry. See you Monday!! :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A lot to blog...

I am such a failure at blogging. When I get the blog, I say that I am going to blog every day...nope!!! I really am like my Mom I guess! :-) Grandma Vicki said that I needed to blog. Well, a lot to blog about. Madison came over and spent the night. It was really fun. We played a whole lot of games, talked, laughed, watched TV, and I introduced Madison into true blue VeggieTales love. My three favorite VeggieTales Silly Songs in order are: Belly Button, Pizza Angel, and My Baby Elf. Madison loved them all when I had her watch the songs on We played LIFE, our new favorite game to play with each other. We also played "Don't Break the Ice" and "Guess Who?" We watched "Finding Nemo" and "The Ugly Dachshund." The dachshund one is really funny because it is about a Great Dane that grew up with Dachshunds, and so he thought he was one. He acted like one to. It is really cute and funny! I recommend to all dog lovers. Sorry Sister Washburn. Ah yes. Tuesday we went to the Birmingham Zoo for the first time. It was soooooooooo much fun!!! They had this little place where little colorful Lorikeets could freely fly around, and you could buy little cups of nectar to feed them. The little birds swarmed to all people that had nectar. After you fed them a cup of nectar, all the lorikeets trusted you. They would still crawl around on your hands and head and other various parts of you body:
Ha! Ha! It really was alot of fun!
We also were there for the Sea Lion Show. There were two Sea Lions there, but they only used one in the show. Some of the tricks were really cool. I liked it when it jumped up on a big rock and waved and "talked" to the audience. Also one of the really neat tricks was when they had a big red ball hanging from the ceiling, and it jumped up and hit it with it's nose. Then it balanced a basketball on it's nose too.
We are in revival with Sis. Doris Leist in Alexander City tonight. We had a wonderful service last night and our family and maybe a couple of kids from church are going back down there for the second night.  Please be praying for the revival!
Well, I guess that is it. I blogged!!! It is harder for me to blog because we are so busy traveling and busy and um...stuff.

Friday, March 8, 2013


We had an interesting week last week because Papa Jerry and Grandma Bobbie came down from Idaho and spent a night with us. We met at Bass Pro Shops and looked around in there for a little while. Then, Papa felt a "special anointing" when he saw the Golden Corral sign, so we stopped there to eat. It was very good. I helped Grandma Bobbie and got her food while pushing the wheelchair around the restaurant. But I didn’t mind. It made me feel good! We came home and visited pretty much the rest of the time. I went into the kitchen with Grandma Bobbie to make cookies when I discovered that there was no baking soda. No cookies! Not only did we talk and have mishaps in the kitchen, but Papa also gave me a painting class, told jokes, and we also played I-Buy. I was beating everyone until I got a whopping 215 points. But one of the best things about it was watching Papa’s hero: Daffy Duck. We showed him Robin Hood Daffy, The Abominable Snow Rabbit, and several others. Mom said that it was so much fun seeing us kids and Papa all huddled together in front of a computer watching Daffy run into a wall or try to prove to Porky Pig that he is really Robin Hood or get captured by a dumb snow monster and be a greedy slob when he finds treasure…Papa’s big body shaking with laughter, us kids giggling and laughing at every word Daffy says, camera flashing for Mom’s blog, it so much fun!!! We dropped them off at the airport and then went home; I have been just doing school and stuff all week until last night, VLB service!!! It was about complaining and murmuring, it was very cool. Mom had the VLBs sit in the very front rows and gave us each color-coded scripts except for Laura because she got in late, so I shared my script with her. The scripts had different complaints that each of us VLBs took turns standing up and complaining to the congregation. We really got into it. :-) Then Mom read the complaints out loud again, and then we took turns reading what we SHOULD say instead of complaining. Like: “Burger King???? I wanted McDonalds!” is the complaint, and then the opposite is: “Burger King is not my favorite, but at least it keeps me from starving!” Guess what! We went to Burger King after church! Well I have got to go. I need to go to bed. Madison is coming over to spend the night tomorrow, so I won’t post tomorrow. Good-night!!!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Just wanted to say Hello.... :-) Sorry Sis. Tammy. No, wait! I'm not sorry for putting a picture of a cute little puppy on my blog.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trip to the Gulf of Mexico!

OK, I feel like such a heel......We went on a mini-vacation to the Gulf and Mom wouldn't let me take my laptop. OK, I think I've worked through my blame now. Moving right along!

We started down to the Gulf on Friday. Mom was sick that morning, so we didn't leave at the time we had planned. But we went anyway because Mom started feeling better. The gulf was about 5 or so hours away, so we all settled down for the trip. We did our best at not talking or looking like the pitiful wimps our family has become. Because churches are so close together here, we are not used to driving double triple the amount that it would take us to get down to the coast. So about maybe half-way there, Dad stopped and let Mom talk on the phone in the van and took us kids into the Tractor Supply Co. and we saw the adorable little chicks and ducklings there were in the store. Also, Dad and the boys looked at boots, while I looked at some of the funny shirts that were there in the store. I think my favorite one was the one that said: "My wife said that it was either her or fishing; I am sure gonna' miss her." :-)

When we finally got close to the gulf and also about ten minutes out from Florida, we stopped at a place called Alligator Alley. It was very neat to see the alligators. There were hundreds of alligators there, put don't worry! It was cold out but the sun was shining. Most of the alligators did not move, but were sunning themselves on the bank. We got to feed the alligators, it was alot of fun watching the alligators eat the food. There was one alligator, that knew that we had food, and he was ready for it!!! When we walked to him, he lifted his head up high, his teeth glistening in the light. Very cool. But that is not even the best part! Here is the best part:

Cool, huh? This alligator is a two year old gator. He was not very happy at the thought of being held. He sure did hiss alot. At first, I did not want to touch that ugly thing, but when ever would I get a chance to hold an alligator ever again!!! The lady taped it's mouth shut thankfully, so that he would not bite. The feel of his back was very different from the feel of his stomach, The stomach was very soft, while the back was hard and rough. Another highlight of Alligator Alley was Captain Crunch, probably one of the biggest alligators in the swamp.(it really was a swamp):

He was lazy too. For dinner Friday night we went to Lambert's Cafe. Soooooo cool!! They had old signs and everything! But the best part about it, was that when you put your hand up, the employees will throw you a huge hot roll from across the room. They need to make the rolls smaller so that people can eat and catch more of them. The one that I caught was so huge, I couldn't even eat it all. Also, the cups for drinks were 3/4 of a gallon cups. They were HUGE! And so were the portions! We ate so much on Friday night. After that we went to the hotel and swam in the indoor pool which was sooooooo much fun because we never get in pools except for camp. We watched the end of National Treasure 1 and we had a good nights sleep. We woke up yesterday morning and found that the Rifleman Best Outlaw Marathon was on so we watched a few Rifleman episodes, our new favorite western. We stopped at a beach while driving around because it was cold so no one was there except for one lady bundled up good walking her dog, who didn't mind the cold and jumped in the water. We had alot of fun collecting shells and watching the water roll in on the soft, welcoming sand. After that we waited for the Ferry to come for about thirty minutes. When the ferry finally got there, we drove our car onto it and went across Mobile Bay to Daufin Island. It was very cool because hundreds of storks and sea gulls were following the boat. Sometimes, you can see dolphins in the water and sometimes even swim with them from Daufin Island. I think that a black person might have named it intending for it to sound like "dolphin," but it came out "daufin." Huh. For dinner we went to Bayou la Batre to a place called DJ's DINER. We ate there, and the food was actually OK, but the picture of DJ on the sign kind of freaked me out. After that we had a good visit with the Johnsons, members of the church down there near the gulf. We stayed in a hotel that night and ate pizza while we watched the TV. We ate breakfast this morning, and found that we were three hours or more from any of our churches. So we had Sunday School in the hotel room and made our trip back home. Hey! Speaking of Sunday School, I have finished my first Leader of Clay: Bro Strong:

Cute, huh? Oh well. That  is it for today! And again, comment! :-)

Monday, February 25, 2013

I have something to blog about!!!

Soooooo, I am back!!
I have something to blog!!! So we left Sat. morning at 6:45 and drove until we got to the Moulton church, and had a great convention. Here was the cutest part:
Maggie and Wesley Denard and Addy Anders sang, "It's Bubbling," well, Maggie and Wesley did. Addy just stood there with the microphone and looked cute. Sooooooooooooo cute!!! Ha ha!
We stayed at the "Evangelist Quarters" in the fellowship hall Red Bay, about 45 minutes away from Moulton. The Red Bay church treated us really good. When we went into the kitchen, and had Coke and other sodas, peanut butter, jelly, bread, two kinds of cookies, chips, nacho dip, and other junk food. We ate and ate and ate and ate all that junk food...and I felt good for about ten minutes. We went to bed at 11:00 Sat. night, and then got up early again to go to the Russellville church Sunday morning, and then came back to the Red Bay church and ate junk food and slept. (for those who don't know, we really don't normally junk out like that)...:-) We went to Red Bay for Sun. evening service and then stayed one more night in the "EQ," we slept well. I woke up in a predicament. I was happy inside my warm sleeping bag, and the next thing I knew, Mom had my sleeping bag upside down, dragging the sleeping bag behind her around the fellowship hall, dragging poor Katie along with her. I was hanging on for DEAR LIFE!!!! She finally landed me on the cold tile floor. I held a grudge until breakfast. Why does life involve getting up??!!
I need support!! Well, the KCD needs support. And ideas. KCD stands for: "Katie's Clay Dept." I am going to start working on a project that will be very fun and hard. The five auxilaries of TCOG have leaders" ABM, (Allene Cox), CPMA, (Melvin Byers), SS, (Robert Strong Sr.), WMB, (Betty Bishop), and VLB, (Dustin Hays). I am planning on making each of those leaders out of clay. I need support!! BEcause this project is going to be very hard, trust me.
OK, We got home this afternoon, did school, ate dinner watched the Rifleman, and now I am blogging about everything that we have done. Not anymore! Ha!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Busy day ahead of me...

Because we were in TN, we missed a day in school, so I had to do double today. I am all done except for one lesson in math. I HATE math. Why do they have to teach us all this dumb stuff? Why do we have to know more than fractions, decimals, adding, subtracting, multiplication, and dividing? That is all you will ever need to know! Why do they throw in stupid stuff like algebra???
Why? Tomorrow we have to go to Moulton for District Convention, meaning we have to get up early, and drive all the way there, about two hours, and then drive to Red Bay, spend the night, get up early, go to Russelville for church, drive back to Red Bay, spend church there for the night, spend the night, drive all the way home Monday, and catch up on school. Uggh. Big day ahead.
OK, after two paragraphs of gripping, maybe I should look on the bright side. I love seeing Maggie and Wesley Denard and Addy Anders at Moulton. I don't have to deal with math or any other lessons for two days now. I enjoy traveling. I have to get up super duper early, but maybe Mom will let me sleep in a little bit on Monday. Oh well. Gotta' go!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Two reasons for the "Whoopsie" title:
  1. I did not take any pictures for this post, I wasn't thinking. I truly am my mother. And I get mad at her when she never has pictures on her blog!
  2. I am no longer the Super-Man of bloggers. Mom wo-oh, you will just hear about it in my post.
Since I don't have any pictures, I will just post a dog picture or two, to make you a little happier:
Anyone who hates or dislikes dogs will have to skip to the actual post. (That is talking to you Sis. Washburn):-) Hahaha!!

Hahahahahahaha!!!! Sooooooooooooo cute!!!!

Well anyway, Mom and us kids have been gone yesterday and today. Where were we? Cleveland Tennessee, that's where!!!! Why? Well, my Mom and Dad are connecting their new phones through my Grandma and Granddaddy's AT&T, and so the new phones were being shipped to Grandma's house. Both of their phones are really nice. We had a lot of fun there. Last night was Wednesday night, so of course there was church. Grandma Vicki had to teach a class at the Pelham Valley church, so Mom went with her and Granddaddy was stuck with us kids. After church, we came home. Guess what?!  We came home, and then in this order: got PJ's on, got Blue-Bell Ice-Cream, and watched TV until Grandma and Mom got home, at about 11:45 P.M. Granddad is a GREAT baby-sitte---oh yeah---kid-sitter. We watched Sue Thomas F.B. Eye first, and then the High Chapparal. Both were great and FUNNY shows. We got up today and waited and waited and waited and finally the phones were delivered. Soon after that we went to the AT&T store to activate the phones, stopped at Kohls and Target to buy baby gifts for the new cousin, Lydia Ruth. Soooooo cool!!! We were both born in February, and both of our middle names is Ruth!!!!!!!!! And then we went to Steak-n-Shake....mmmmmmmmmm.....

We drove back down, and now I am here, blogging and being ashamed because I missed a day in blogging, thanks to Mom. She wouldn't let me take my laptop up to TN. Oh-well.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Super Blogger!!!!

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's SUPER BLOGGER!!!!!!! Really. I LOVE this thing. I saw on the comment list that several people said something about me writing like my mother??? Is that a good thing??????????? Cuz' I have nooooooo idea!!!!

Oh yeah!!!! I have a new baby cousin as of this morning!!!! Lydia is a chubby, dark haired princess, or so I have heard. I haven't seen her yet.

I feel like this dog. Poor thing!!! Surrounded by schoolwork, and I'm not allowed to blog or play Ping-Pong in the Rec-room downstairs until I am done with school. Uggh. Who invented Algebra anyway??? Must have been some dude in an insane asylum that mixed letters with numbers, and everybody took him seriously. "Do you get it now?" Right Mom? HA! I love Kid Snippets. Health Quest, History, Geography, Language Arts, and Science are no better. Bible is OK. Uggh. Good thing I got done a little early today. More time for play!!!(I hope).

On Mom's blog, you can see my "Angry Birds Video Game." :-)

OK, so far, I am not so super at this. hmmmm....time to pick things up a little bit. The "Mother in Law" comic strip that I put on my blog a couple posts ago was super funny, good thing I don't have one yet. Grandma Vicki fills in for the soon to come mother in law with her "Evil Eye." I put that comic strip as my desktop background picture, but then I switched it to this one because I thought this one was funny too: (by the way, you have to click on the half of the image that you see, so it will bring up the whole thing.)
Garfield is sooooooo funny! I think I like him a little better than Sherman's Lagoon, it just depends on what I am in the mood for.

I have a problem. This blogging everyday thing is wearing me out. I have nothing to blog because I don't do anything here at the Monstrosity!(Someday, I might stop calling our house the Monstrosity). Well, I do things, but not anything that would interest you people. The things that we do at our house are do school, clean the house, listen to the boys wrestle,------wait a second!!!! What am I talking about!!!! I can play Ping-Pong, and Ski-ball and Darts, and Four-Square and----I am going to go see if the boys want to play Ping-Pong with me right now. You people need to come to my house and play all the games that I just mentioned and more!!!!!!!!!!! We could have sooooo much fun, and sometimes it is even more fun to watch other people play the games than actually playing them sometimes!!! I will say, it is quite entertaining to watch Grandma Vicki play Ping-Pong. But if you come watch, be sure to buy some ear-plugs. The screaming sometimes gets out of hand. :-)

OK, I guess that is it. I love getting comments about the posts and questions and answers and---Oh-well. I just LOOOOOOOOVE my blog!!!!!!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Double post???

Well, today I have to write about 2 days because I couldn't blog yesterday because it was Sunday. We had to get up at 7:00(do you know how early that is on my time schedule???) I am NOT a morning person. The good dream that I was having turned into my worst nightmare when I had to get up! We drove and drove and drove for what seemed like forever. We finally had to stop for gas, so Mom and us kids went in the gas station and got some Krispy-Kreme Doughnuts and drinks. Then we drove on till we got to the Lebanon church. It was really small, and so when Dad started preaching, when he stomped(which he did quite often), it felt like a massive earthquake. The building shook, and those stomps were loud!!! After church, we went to Don Chico's, a Mexican restaurant with the Cooks, our pastor and his wife in Lebanon. After that, we went to a different church, called Airport Chapel with the Cooks. The Cooks are trying to minister to this church and would have preached to them if there hadn't been this other guy from Mexico that was a minister. So he preached. Let us just say that our family is soooooooo glad that we are with The Church of God, and we realized it even more at that service. After that, we drove behind the Cooks to the Collinsville church. The Cooks went because they do not have church on Sunday night at Lebanon. Dad preached again. It wasn't as bad at Collinsville when he stomped, because the Collinsville church is a pretty good size. After church, they had dinner in the fellowship hall. All they had at that church were heat registers, so I was cold. I was stupid enough to stand by the one that the heat didn't go out, it went up, but I didn't know that at the time. We smelled something burning. ooops...... my hair wasn't on fire, but slightly singed at the ends. Luckily, no one said anything about the rest of the night, except my mother and brothers, who I am finally convinced after lots of thought that they do not love me anymore, because their daughter and sister is sooooooo stupid to set her hair on fire. :-) Just kidding. Sam said I smelled like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Mom told him that they did not smell like fire, and their hair wasn't singed. She gave me a grinning look. I now hate that look after last night. We drove home and got in late. I fed Julius and went to bed. I woke up this morning about 7:30? I think. I slept in a little more because now hate any time before 8:00 in the morning. I woke at about eight, and just lay down in bed, listening to the massive snores of my 9 year old little brother. I am not talking a few little snores here and there. They are not stop HUGE snores. 
We have the most interesting and sad and stupid experiences at our house. Take Joe, he is roasting a marshmallow that he got for is birthday over a candle right now.
If I post Garfield and other comics off and on, just either read it or overlook it.
 Well, I guess that is it. COMMENT!!!!  Oh yeah, Thank you Sis. Galives for starting to read my blog, and everyone else that reads my blog. I love you! COMMENT!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm sooooo tired!!!!

Why? I will tell you why I am soooooooooooo tired........Because I stayed up until about 10 minutes till 12:00 last night. Why? Because it was Friday night, and that is the most favorite night of us kids, because the next day is Saturday, so we get to stay up late because we get to sleep in on Saturday. We had an interesting night. We went upstairs at about 7:30 I guess with Mint Cookies-n-Cream Blue-Bell Ice-Cream and watched the Great Locomotive Chase starring Fess Parker. Don't watch it. Not unless you want to see Fess Parker die, which I know we didn't. It was actually a true story about the Civil War. Interesting, but sad. Then us kids went to bed and read and read and read. Here is an interesting thought though. Sam only ever makes it about 20 minutes of reading on Friday night, before he is out. And normally, either Joe and I go to bed at the same time, or Joe stays up later than me. Not last night. Both of the boys fell asleep before I did. I wanted to make it to 12:00, but it was more than I could handle. We have been really busy and just plumb wore-out. :-)

I read Sherman's Lagoon most of the time that I was up. My four favorite types of comics would have to be Sherman's Lagoon, Garfield,(who doesn't like Garfield), Calvin and Hobbes, and Get Fuzzy. HAhahahahahahahaha!!!! They are always sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. I photographed some of my favorite strips on Sherman's Lagoon last night:

If you have never read Sherman's Lagoon, I highly recommend it. It is soooooo funny!!!!

Joe is reading Mom's OLD blog, like when us kids were like, 4, 6, and 7, 5 years ago Grandma Vicki!!! He just read the part about May 7, 2008. If you don't know what happened on that day, I will tell you: DUSTIN HAYS DROPPED A BOULDER ON MY 6 YEAR OLD LITTLE BROTHER!!! Talk to him about it. :-) Really, Joe wasn't seriously hurt. He is alive and well.

Oh-well. I guess I had better go. I love my blog!!!!!


Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm just writing random stuff because I want to blog but I don't know what to blog! :-)

Well, I guess my day has been OK. I got up and came down stairs and started school. I did about half of it and needed help with the rest, but mom couldn't help me yet. So I took a break and went up stairs and spent the rest of the morning until about 11:00 reading and listening to VeggieTales. My brothers think that VeggieTales is  for babies. I must be a super baby because I love VeggieTales. I think that if my 35 year old mother can like VeggieTales, her 12 year old daughter should be able to like it too. I love to listen to VeggieTales on Spotify while I am cleaning the kitchen or doing my chores. But...anyway, I got a late birthday card from the VanDeventers. It had this Badge:
I had to post that. Thank you for the great badge! I'll have to keep this one.

This is the sign that I bought for my fish, Julius. Joe walked into my room one time and said: "Does that describe you or the fish?" Weirdo.

I'm really excited that my Papa Jerry is coming in March. We never get to see him and Grandma Bobbie. I guess he called on our birthday, but we were gone for most of the day, so I missed his call.

Sam has been dying for me to post some pictures of his Legos on the blog, so when he gets them ready, I will post some on the blog for him.

I bought Joe a birthday card that he really liked, I knew he would:


Oh-well. I had better go. Hope you like the post. If you do, comment.