Tuesday, April 30, 2013


OK, Naomi! Here are the pictures of Julius that you asked for!!!
This is his "I'm Crabby sign"

This is Julius. It is hard to get a good picture of his because he is always swimming around. This is when I first got him when he is still orange-ish. Now he is red because of the color intensifier food for red Betas.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


No, really. Very busy. It all started when Brandon and Kimmi Keel and spent Thursday night and all day Friday with us since the lock-in started at 7:00 PM Friday night. We went to a place about 20 minutes from our house called Tannehill. It is a camp. It played an important part in the Civil War. It is a really neat place where there are neat old places where they give demonstrations of different jobs back in that day like being a blacksmith and other stuff. Iron and other  minerals were mined there to make ammunition for the war there. It is a good vacation spot because you can rent old cabins and buy things on "trade days" where people sell different items. Kind of like the fair, booths of all kinds. Also furnaces and other thinks are still there from back in the day that people can explore. Well, Dad wanted to go to an "old country store" that is there and read the map wrong. We walked and walked on that stupid never-ending trail and kept getting held up because brother Brandon and Dad kept stopping in the woods to make fun of the people on the video in the museum that they had there. So, anyway, we walked and we walked and we kept walking and we walked some more. It seemed as though the path would never end. Finally we got to a clearing. Several different booths were in that place. Finally, Mom figured out that we were on the opposite side of the campus than were we had parked our car! So I drew a map of what it was like:
I will explain. The red path is SPWWETTPIDK#1. That was the first path that we took, that Dad said that the country store was on. So now that we go from the car to the other side of the camp, we are stuck. The miles that were walked by our poor feet keeps getting better every time some one tells it, but I would say that we walked at least 5 or 6 miles. :-) OK, so now we have to walk back on the blue path. ( R U getting the picture of how easy it would have been to take the blue path in the first place??) On the blue path we stopped at the Sweet Shop and got candy. Then we continued to walk and walk and finally to that store. And it WASN'T EVEN REALLY THAT GREAT!!!!!!! And 4 out of 7 of had a LOCK-IN THAT NIGHT!!!!!!!! Staying up all night long and having fun! Oh well. We went home, got a cat nap, then brother Brandon, sister Kimmi, Mom and I all loaded up and to the Dollar Tree to get some last minute supplies. Then we went to the church, where the lock-in was going to be held. Actually, we had a good crowd there. We ordered Pizza Hut pizza and had a little cake for Laura, since it was her birthday that day. Her cousin Brianna was there, keeping us up all night. She is CRAZY! Then we did the play that the Bessemer VLB's worked really hard on. Everybody enjoyed our play. Dalton's disco costume was especially funny. We played the Wii, office chair races, and best of all, we had a snowball fight with T.P.!!! After the lock-in, we all went to our house to sleep. Dad and the boys went back to Tannehill while we were asleep. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. Yum! Well, that is about it except that Sam bought a hermit crab and is really excited about it. I told him he should name it Crunchy. :-) Adios!


Monday, April 15, 2013


This just in! New discovery that Katie Horne, publisher and reporter of "Rue's Room" been an all out bad blogger. "I have been busy!" the she states. Though some people believe her excuses, others are quite skeptical about her predicament. Other newspapers including the Horne Gazette (http:/moseyjoe.blogspot.com/) has reported Katie as being a very bad blogger. She admitted that she was a bad blogger and will try to do better in the future. Other than seriously snoring Sam, writing stories, going up to TN, committee meeting, gardening, driving tractors and working like crazy, (see the Horne Gazette for more details about that trip), nothing much has been happening. Ha ha! The story will be blogged later. I have to go now though. I will blog again l8ter. Adios!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


So, I don't have anything to blog, except for the fact that I am writing a "science fiction" story, but not really science fiction. I am very open to ideas and comments about the story. I will post parts of it on the blog and then the whole thing when it is finished. OK...... The first thing is the title. I am throwing around 2 ideas for the name of the story: Trapped in a Comic Book World or Star's Galaxy. Not sure. Maybe we can have a vote. OK....... next thing: I am going to blog a rough draft of the first paragraph of the story:

I was eating breakfast on Saturday morning with my favorite comic book: Star's Galaxy. I had not read this new issue yet, but I had read about it. I knew that Star,(the hero of the book) was being chased by an evil space dude with the nickname of Grizzly, and his sidekick: Slimy Sam. Sam did all the dirty work. Sam was very good at doing dirty work, (after all, he was a dirty, slimy, rascal.) Grizzly and Slimy Sam were after Star because she had space communicators and other gadgets and devices that they knew would be very useful in commiting crime. I was really excited about reading this new issue of Star's Galaxy. I slipped off my shoes and kicked them under the table. My dog, Carly, sat in them and looked up at the table just in case I happened to accidentally drop a Froot Loop. Well, I dropped a Froot Loop, but not accidentally. I finished eating, and boosted Carly up on my pal so that she could read the book too. I sneezed. ( You people out here reading this book are probably like: "Why do you have to include that you sneezed?") Well, this was no ordinary sneeze. I sneezed so hard that I felt myself falling, falling, falling. Carly started barking for all that she was worth. I suddenly landed on a partly rocky terrain. A sharp pain went up my spine. I opened my eyes but my nose and mouth were still covered by my hands. Good thing too, because all that I had seen were stars sitting on a black background before I heard the thundering of 2 sets of footsteps behind me. I turned around to recognize Grizzly and Slimy Sam running toward me. Slimy was spewing out deadly fumes out of his mouth that were getting dangerously close to me. By then I realized that I was trapped in a comic book world!!!

OK, so what do you think?!
(Comments and ideas welcome!)