Tuesday, September 30, 2014

At the Smith's House

Well, that title pretty much sums it up. Blog about it all later, i promise.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life of the Horne House

Don't really know what I am doing blogging right now, really I have nothing to say. Most of the time I wait months and months before blogging anything and then do a super long post.
Ok, I will try to drag out a little bit about my life. Let's see. Since my last post, we have pretty much just stayed around Bessemer, except for going to Collinsville on a church visit on Sunday. Alright, here I go! Monday night we went to the O'dells house. I talked with Terah and had a really fun time with her. We talked about subjects like, well, Paprika. Don't ask. It isn't not worth it. Tuesday night we went to the Ridlespurges and I had a lot of fun with Katie and Michael. I don't even remember what we talked about, but we laughed a lot and had fun. VLB service is the favourite service among the youth, duh! It was good. Thursday night Sister Ridlespurge had band meeting at our house, so us, the Ridlespurges, and the O'dells got together and had band meeting. That night, Terah and I designed the "Twin Powers." I am pie, and she is ice cream. The story is way too long to go into right now, but it is pretty funny. Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, we have a fellowship night at the church, where everybody just gets together and play games and eat and just have fun. Fun time this week was directed by mom, and so we played Blind Human Battleship, and the Name Game. They were both really, really fun and exciting. We did nothing Saturday except work around the house a little bit. Sunday, like I said, we went to Collinsville for the morning service. While we were at Collinsville, Bessemer had a powerful service. Ashley Dudley got saved, and Alyssa Dudley prayed all the way through the Holy Ghost. I hate it that we were not able to be there for that. From Monday until now we have had workers working on our house and the smell of smoke drifts through the halls from the cigarettes they smoke. It takes them FOREVER to get anything done, and when they do, it has to be done over again so that they will do it RIGHT the second time. or third. or fourth. You never know with these people. But, here we are right now, Mom and Dad and Sam are moving Sam into his bedroom tonight, and tomorrow I will probably be able to move back in to my room. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Finally, after four months, I will be back in my own room, happy that the work in there is DONE! :-)
Ok, that is my life. Everybody email Joe at moseyjoe@gmail.com and tell him to get on it and blog! JK!
Well, I guess that covers everything. Goodnight!