Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hello, Blogland!!! I thought that I had better blog and tell you: Happy Easter! Interesting Easter for us. I woke up at about 7:15 at the sound of Mom putting my Easter dress that she had just ironed in the closet. Still drowsy, we talked a little about Easter as she finished hanging and smoothing the dress and then sat down on the bed. We finished talking, then I got dressed in the "over 20 year old dress that used to be my Mom's" as an Easter dress because Grandma Vicki was not able to make me a dress this year and we had an awful time shopping for a dress. I went outside and got as close a flower I could to purple Easter Lillies and got Mom to go outside with me to Charlie's Grave. Today, it has been exactly one year since we lost our wonderful lovable, "snarly" Charlie. We cried for about 10 minutes, standing by the little wooden cross, talking about what a great dog that Charlie served to be. We went inside, and I ate Cocoa Puffs for breakfast. By then the boys were up and getting ready. We went into the dining room and were not surprised to see the usual candy bowls addressed to each of us kids from Dad. But what was unusual, is what was in them. This year, Dad really outdid himself. This year, there was a big box of each of our favorite types of candy, (for me it was Skittles), Lemonheads, Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, (Yummmmm), Marshmallow Bunnies, and big Milk Chocolate Crosses. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm). But the boys and Mom had some different stuff too. Also, there was a really fun board game there for all of us. We went to church and had a GREAT service and Easter play that was practiced during Sunday School at the last minute. We invited the Ridlespurges, Sister Misti and the kids, and the Pendleys to come and eat Easter dinner with us. Katie Farr and I played alot of games. We went to church again tonight and had a very moving service. And now I am home, blogging about my very fantastic Easter Sunday. How was your Easter??? (Comment.........)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Taa-daa!! I finally wanted to change my blog background and so I looked for a "spring-looking" background, and I found several that would work, but I ended up settling on this one. I think it suits me well :-) What do you think? (That is an open door for commenting) Oh-well. There is nothing to blog about because we haven't been doing anything. Well, last night the Ridlespurges showed up and so they stayed and talked and stayed and talked and stayed and talked and so on. So us kids went up stairs and got PJ's on and watched 2 "Bonanzas" and Then we watched the old Underdog that Dad used to watch when he was a kid. We watched two episodes of that last night too, and then since Friday night is the "stay up late and read and draw and do whatever you want till your eyeballs bulge out of your head" night. Well my left eyeball got to bulging and watering so bad I had to take a break twice last night and then I just gave up on trying to read. I went to bed at about 11:30 last night, which is still early for the usual time that we go to bed. If your wondering, my left eye is the eye that Sam shot with a rubber-band gun at close range. Dad noticed that it has been really blood-shot since then, and sometimes it will start watering really bad, especially late at night. Be praying for my eye. Also pray for the revival down in Alexander City. It is still going on and has been glorious, but I don't think that we will make it down there tonight. :-( Oh-well. I guess that is it!!! See you tomorrow, BlogLand!!!!

P.S. On a second thought tomorrow is Sunday. Sorry. See you Monday!! :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A lot to blog...

I am such a failure at blogging. When I get the blog, I say that I am going to blog every day...nope!!! I really am like my Mom I guess! :-) Grandma Vicki said that I needed to blog. Well, a lot to blog about. Madison came over and spent the night. It was really fun. We played a whole lot of games, talked, laughed, watched TV, and I introduced Madison into true blue VeggieTales love. My three favorite VeggieTales Silly Songs in order are: Belly Button, Pizza Angel, and My Baby Elf. Madison loved them all when I had her watch the songs on We played LIFE, our new favorite game to play with each other. We also played "Don't Break the Ice" and "Guess Who?" We watched "Finding Nemo" and "The Ugly Dachshund." The dachshund one is really funny because it is about a Great Dane that grew up with Dachshunds, and so he thought he was one. He acted like one to. It is really cute and funny! I recommend to all dog lovers. Sorry Sister Washburn. Ah yes. Tuesday we went to the Birmingham Zoo for the first time. It was soooooooooo much fun!!! They had this little place where little colorful Lorikeets could freely fly around, and you could buy little cups of nectar to feed them. The little birds swarmed to all people that had nectar. After you fed them a cup of nectar, all the lorikeets trusted you. They would still crawl around on your hands and head and other various parts of you body:
Ha! Ha! It really was alot of fun!
We also were there for the Sea Lion Show. There were two Sea Lions there, but they only used one in the show. Some of the tricks were really cool. I liked it when it jumped up on a big rock and waved and "talked" to the audience. Also one of the really neat tricks was when they had a big red ball hanging from the ceiling, and it jumped up and hit it with it's nose. Then it balanced a basketball on it's nose too.
We are in revival with Sis. Doris Leist in Alexander City tonight. We had a wonderful service last night and our family and maybe a couple of kids from church are going back down there for the second night.  Please be praying for the revival!
Well, I guess that is it. I blogged!!! It is harder for me to blog because we are so busy traveling and busy and um...stuff.

Friday, March 8, 2013


We had an interesting week last week because Papa Jerry and Grandma Bobbie came down from Idaho and spent a night with us. We met at Bass Pro Shops and looked around in there for a little while. Then, Papa felt a "special anointing" when he saw the Golden Corral sign, so we stopped there to eat. It was very good. I helped Grandma Bobbie and got her food while pushing the wheelchair around the restaurant. But I didn’t mind. It made me feel good! We came home and visited pretty much the rest of the time. I went into the kitchen with Grandma Bobbie to make cookies when I discovered that there was no baking soda. No cookies! Not only did we talk and have mishaps in the kitchen, but Papa also gave me a painting class, told jokes, and we also played I-Buy. I was beating everyone until I got a whopping 215 points. But one of the best things about it was watching Papa’s hero: Daffy Duck. We showed him Robin Hood Daffy, The Abominable Snow Rabbit, and several others. Mom said that it was so much fun seeing us kids and Papa all huddled together in front of a computer watching Daffy run into a wall or try to prove to Porky Pig that he is really Robin Hood or get captured by a dumb snow monster and be a greedy slob when he finds treasure…Papa’s big body shaking with laughter, us kids giggling and laughing at every word Daffy says, camera flashing for Mom’s blog, it so much fun!!! We dropped them off at the airport and then went home; I have been just doing school and stuff all week until last night, VLB service!!! It was about complaining and murmuring, it was very cool. Mom had the VLBs sit in the very front rows and gave us each color-coded scripts except for Laura because she got in late, so I shared my script with her. The scripts had different complaints that each of us VLBs took turns standing up and complaining to the congregation. We really got into it. :-) Then Mom read the complaints out loud again, and then we took turns reading what we SHOULD say instead of complaining. Like: “Burger King???? I wanted McDonalds!” is the complaint, and then the opposite is: “Burger King is not my favorite, but at least it keeps me from starving!” Guess what! We went to Burger King after church! Well I have got to go. I need to go to bed. Madison is coming over to spend the night tomorrow, so I won’t post tomorrow. Good-night!!!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Just wanted to say Hello.... :-) Sorry Sis. Tammy. No, wait! I'm not sorry for putting a picture of a cute little puppy on my blog.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trip to the Gulf of Mexico!

OK, I feel like such a heel......We went on a mini-vacation to the Gulf and Mom wouldn't let me take my laptop. OK, I think I've worked through my blame now. Moving right along!

We started down to the Gulf on Friday. Mom was sick that morning, so we didn't leave at the time we had planned. But we went anyway because Mom started feeling better. The gulf was about 5 or so hours away, so we all settled down for the trip. We did our best at not talking or looking like the pitiful wimps our family has become. Because churches are so close together here, we are not used to driving double triple the amount that it would take us to get down to the coast. So about maybe half-way there, Dad stopped and let Mom talk on the phone in the van and took us kids into the Tractor Supply Co. and we saw the adorable little chicks and ducklings there were in the store. Also, Dad and the boys looked at boots, while I looked at some of the funny shirts that were there in the store. I think my favorite one was the one that said: "My wife said that it was either her or fishing; I am sure gonna' miss her." :-)

When we finally got close to the gulf and also about ten minutes out from Florida, we stopped at a place called Alligator Alley. It was very neat to see the alligators. There were hundreds of alligators there, put don't worry! It was cold out but the sun was shining. Most of the alligators did not move, but were sunning themselves on the bank. We got to feed the alligators, it was alot of fun watching the alligators eat the food. There was one alligator, that knew that we had food, and he was ready for it!!! When we walked to him, he lifted his head up high, his teeth glistening in the light. Very cool. But that is not even the best part! Here is the best part:

Cool, huh? This alligator is a two year old gator. He was not very happy at the thought of being held. He sure did hiss alot. At first, I did not want to touch that ugly thing, but when ever would I get a chance to hold an alligator ever again!!! The lady taped it's mouth shut thankfully, so that he would not bite. The feel of his back was very different from the feel of his stomach, The stomach was very soft, while the back was hard and rough. Another highlight of Alligator Alley was Captain Crunch, probably one of the biggest alligators in the swamp.(it really was a swamp):

He was lazy too. For dinner Friday night we went to Lambert's Cafe. Soooooo cool!! They had old signs and everything! But the best part about it, was that when you put your hand up, the employees will throw you a huge hot roll from across the room. They need to make the rolls smaller so that people can eat and catch more of them. The one that I caught was so huge, I couldn't even eat it all. Also, the cups for drinks were 3/4 of a gallon cups. They were HUGE! And so were the portions! We ate so much on Friday night. After that we went to the hotel and swam in the indoor pool which was sooooooo much fun because we never get in pools except for camp. We watched the end of National Treasure 1 and we had a good nights sleep. We woke up yesterday morning and found that the Rifleman Best Outlaw Marathon was on so we watched a few Rifleman episodes, our new favorite western. We stopped at a beach while driving around because it was cold so no one was there except for one lady bundled up good walking her dog, who didn't mind the cold and jumped in the water. We had alot of fun collecting shells and watching the water roll in on the soft, welcoming sand. After that we waited for the Ferry to come for about thirty minutes. When the ferry finally got there, we drove our car onto it and went across Mobile Bay to Daufin Island. It was very cool because hundreds of storks and sea gulls were following the boat. Sometimes, you can see dolphins in the water and sometimes even swim with them from Daufin Island. I think that a black person might have named it intending for it to sound like "dolphin," but it came out "daufin." Huh. For dinner we went to Bayou la Batre to a place called DJ's DINER. We ate there, and the food was actually OK, but the picture of DJ on the sign kind of freaked me out. After that we had a good visit with the Johnsons, members of the church down there near the gulf. We stayed in a hotel that night and ate pizza while we watched the TV. We ate breakfast this morning, and found that we were three hours or more from any of our churches. So we had Sunday School in the hotel room and made our trip back home. Hey! Speaking of Sunday School, I have finished my first Leader of Clay: Bro Strong:

Cute, huh? Oh well. That  is it for today! And again, comment! :-)