Saturday, August 30, 2014

IYC and the 109th General Assembly 2014

     Ok, ok! Four months is way too long to go without blogging. But here I am, ready to roll a longer post with pictures(YAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!)and the story of the hideous but fun IYC and the wonderful General Assembly.

     So, we will start with IYC and I will write as much as I can with the memory that I have the occasion. I have no pictures of what we did at IYC as mom had the camera with her. So this part might be boring to you.  But you cannot skip seeing as how most of the time this blog is pretty worthless anyway, so the one time I write should be worthwhile, and when you finish reading, you might be glad you read the whole thing. Maybe. You will just have to find out for yourself. :-)

     So, IYC Babysitter this year was Brittany Muse. We have to get a new sitter every year because the old ones never want to go through the tragic hideousness of the occasion. :-) But afterwards, she said she would do it again! WOW!!! That is pretty incredible! It really wasn't as bad this year. Sam and Isaac were pretty much the usual terrors the first night, but they calmed down a little bit throughout the next week. Ok, the first night, we moved everyone in and got all of the food and bed situations ready for the weekend. Happy with everything, we all loaded up and went to Lutheridge, the place where IYC is held. We got to see everyone going there, including some of my best friends in the whole world, Rebekah Clark, Naomi Clarkson, and Mary-Frances Cox.
     When Brittany got there, (she was riding with the Coxes), we all immediately loaded up in the Coxes big fifteen passenger van, and drove to Ridgecrest, where Brittany moved into our room, and the Coxes and the Clarksons moved into theirs. They always come up a few days before the Assembly, and spend some time at Ridgecrest, for a sort of vacation. We all got moved in and everyone was happy. The next day we all just sort of hung out. Us, the Coxes, the Clarksons, plus Joshua Cox, Aaron Muse(aka Bubba), and Manuel. (Don't know his last name). There is really nothing extraordinary that we did that day that I remember so I will go on to the next. (Keep reading. This next day is a dandy.) :-)
     Ok, the next day, Aleah and Lillie went to spend some time with their grandparents. So the rest of us(not including the Clarksons), drove about 45 minutes to the base of Mt. Mitchell. It is the highest point east side of the Mississippi, but the elevation is only about 6,684 feet. We people from the west made fun of it, and called it Mitchell Hill. :-) We are used to the MOUNTAINS that stand up 10,000 feet and more. But to the people in the south, this is a mountain, and so be it. If calling it a mountain makes them happy, we call it a mountain. And we climbed the little hill without complaint. Ok, so it wasn't a little hill. It was a fun and challenging course that took about three hours to climb all the way up. Some of the little girls like Abbie and RuthAnn needed the help of Manuel and Joshua, while Aaron took the place as leader, until he sat down and Francy and I took him down easily. Out of breath and with parched lips, we made our way up the mountain. When we reached the top of the hill, ok Francy, "MOUNTAIN," we beheld the breath-taking view of the wrinkled up mountains of the North Carolina terrain. Happy and tired, we drove down the mountain and got pizza, then hung out all together the rest of the night. The next day, we just sort of hung around and talked, and ran around the place.
     Tuesday was a Presbytery Meeting and Luncheon for all of the overseers and their wives. So we hung out at the gym for that space of time, and some more afterwards.
     Since Grandma and Granddaddy have a handicap suite, it comes with an adjoining room that has a tub, (since the handicap room just has a handicap shower), and I higher clothes hanger. So I got that adjoining room all to myself, giving me a little bit more space for the Assembly, and letting mom, dad and the boys have one less person to get in the way in the mornings, when every one is trying to be ready on time. After I hung out at the gym for a couple more hours, I went to my room and showered a much needed shower, then got ready for the first service of the 109th Annual General Assembly. I was sooooooooooooooooooo excited!
     Off and on that day I had been texting three of my friends, Katie, Kody, and Michael, who were on their way. They had not got to come the year before, so they were doubly excited and ready to come on! But their Pawpaw apparently made a wrong turn, and they had to turn around, so they barely got there in time for the service, but I was glad they made it.
     Ok, Assembly Pictures! I will just post a bunch of random pics and narrate as we go.
Ok, this is what Sambo looked like for a lot of the Assembly. Why he get away with it I have nooooooooooooo idea, but he does and sometimes I envy him. :-)
 Brother Luis Banuelos soon to be from Georgia. We are so glad he is moving closer to us!
 Brother Jay Doran from ABQ, NM preached a powerful sermon on Divine Healing.
 This is Kody, seeking for the Holy Ghost.
 Me and Nathan waiting to read our poems for the ABM program.
 and me. Strange, but it must have been one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done at the Assembly! :-)
 Laughing at one of the many funny things Sister Cox had to say!
 The WMB program was a real blessing.
 This is just the youth from Alabama. We had a good many more JOY's with us at the Assembly, representing Alabama well.
 This is me with Brianna-Kay, the sweetest little girl in Alabam.
 You can't see it in this picture, but Elijah got his finger stuck in a hook that is used to help block of the stairs to the balcony. :-)
 Poor, tired, Aaron Muse(Bubba), during the last session!
 Forgot to post this before, but this is the view from the top of Mount Mitchell!
     Ok, I blogged. Maybe it isn't the best post in the world, but hey, I blogged!!!! Wow! It has been ages, and now I feel a deep satisfaction in my heart because I blogged. But I will lose that feeling if I don't shut up, so I am going to say good bye for another six months. Just Kidding. I might blog sooner than that. Ok, I am done. Bye! :-)