Monday, April 20, 2015

Rufus! Panhandin fo Jesus, a lockin, and a super awesome prank! :-)

We got a new puppy! As many of you know from my mom. I was so excited to get a blog a couple years ago, and then I never blog. I guess that's the way it works. But anyway here we go. I guess I might start with pictures. Mom posted this one already but it is so cute I can't NOT post it. 

See what I mean? Absolutely adorable. And this dog is spoiled. Oh yes, spoiled rotten. He has more toys than you can imagine, and he loves all of them. And anything else that he can get his crooked little teeth on. Like right now he is chewing on one of my winter scarves. Charlie used to do the same thing, so no problemo there. 
Since we got Rufus, Michael has been looking for a Husky puppy. He got one last year and named it Dakota, but it got sick and so Michael had to take him back; on his birthday a week later. :-( Well, Michael found one and is getting it in a couple of days. He is sooooooooooooooo excited and that dog is all he can talk about. 
I love Rufus so much. He is the greatest dog ever, and he is my friend. :-)

So we do this thing that Alabama people call a "Road block;" which I don't get at all. Especially because what it really is is panhandling. So that is why I call it Panhandlin' fo' Jesus. We stand out on the side of the road and beg for money. And some people actually give to us. Really, a lot of people give. And we do that every year to raise money to send people to Family Camp. So here are the pictures of our "Road block" (aka Panhandlin' fo' Jesus:)

This is the makings of Terah's sign:
 Everybody tried her sign; it was the greatest!
Wow, Terah. Funny how that sign got a ton of money. :-)
 Sister O'Dell and Jayden covered the SE corner of the intersection. A lot of the time they were yelling: "We want money!" to the passing cars. Teehee! :-)
 Me and Katie got the SW corner.
 Michael and Joe got the NW corner. Michael refused to look at the camera in every picture. Eventually Brother O'Dell got a guitar out of his truck and gave it to Joe, so Joe played the guitar while Michael and Trevor worked the sign and bucket jobs. 

 And......Brother Ridlespurge, Jacob, Sam, and Zack got the NE corner. 
 Sister O'Dell, Zack, and Jayden:
So that was out Roadblock. It started raining about two hours after we started so we had to close up shop at about 10:00 something. 

Well, the night before our Panhandling, we had a lock in. It was pretty fun. But the best part was when we did a prank on Kody. You see, Tarin and Joshua had to go home early because of work in the morning, and Kody wanted to go home and call his fiance. So at about 2:30 a.m. Me, Michael, Joe, Terah, Katie, and Mom loaded up, went to Kody's house, and rolled and wrapped his new SUV. It was so much fun! :-)Here are the pictures: (sorry about the quality:)

Tee Hee it was so much fun! :-)
Well, I guess that is it. Bye!
~Katie~ <3