Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh Yeah!

One more thing! I know it sounds silly, but pray for my fish. His name is Julius. I think He has fin rot, which is a lack of copper and iron in the body. He is really sick. PLEASE PRAY! and then go back and read the post that I posted about five minutes ago....

nothing to say.... nothing to say

got to blog, nothing to blog. little dilemma there. But hmmmmmmm. Nothing to say....nothing to say. Hard to believe that I, KATIE HORNE would have NOTHING to say to blogland. Dad, Sam and I have been listening to Christmas music. Mom is getting really irritated. Scrooge. Joe is the one that she should be irritated at. I sure am getting irritated. Germ FREAK! He will just stand there(or sit there) with his hands far away from him because of GERMS! They are around! He cannot stop them! and he certainly cannot just stand somewhere and wait for them to go away. Because. They. Won't. Go. Away. I wish he could get that through his thick skull. And then with all of his other problamos, He Is Convinced that he is going to grow up to be a super genius. Grrrr. He is not a super genius and he will never be a super genius. But He Is Convinced. (see THE HORNE GAZETTE). Oh well. I guess that is it. It was a lousy post, but thanks for reading anyway. It is better when I wait a month and then I have a lot to talk about. But I just wasted about 10 minutes of my day. And yours. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Somehow I don't feel evil. hmmmmmmm

Friday, November 15, 2013

Stupid Boots and other things

Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid STUPID BOOTS!!! I still like them and everything, but they hurt like murder, especially when you go shopping and are walking around ALL DAY LONG and didn't bring a change of shoes. That is what happened to me on a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago. The Boys had gone up to TN to spend a week with Grandma. So Me, Mom, and Dad were alone to enjoy life without noise, chaos, hassle, spankings, etc. We decided that we would spend a couple of hours ( notice the bold word and the underlined sentence) out in Hoover. My understanding was lunch and TWO stores. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! After Olive Garden we went to Justice, Lego Store, Ross, Sears, Macy's, Rack Room Shoes, World Market, 2nd N Charles, AND Christmas Tree Shops. ( That is only what I remember). >:-( After that (nice) little outing, I could not walk more than a few steps, ( which I guess is just as well, because after that Mom and I sat down and watched two movies) which I might add for clarification we NEVER do. It is seldom that we watch even one movie, maybe once a week. But, with the stressful little heathens gone, we felt like we were in happy vacation mode. :-) But with that said, let me continue on with my list of things to write about. 1: Youth Retreat! Woo-Hoo! My first Youth Retreat, it was the best Youth Retreat I have ever been to. It was a learning experience for not only my spiritual life, but just life in general. (If you want the details, speak to me face to face and alone.) Brandon Keel is our Alabama Youth Director and he did a great job! Sis. Mary Shelton from TN was the guest speaker and it was sooooooooooooooo good to have her, her son, and Sis. Red there too. Sis. Kimmi, Bro. Brandon's wife did a class on modesty for the girls. It was straight and to the point, THIS is not modest, but THIS is. She did a fantastic job and said it in a way that it was not hurtful, but also Biblical. 2. After the boys got home the next thing on the list was Sam's # 10 Birthday. WOW. Did I say 10? I did. Hmmm. He got: Legos, (of course), a cowboy rope, and Matt Dillon sign(from Grandma), I got him the new Lego Minifigure: THE ELF(which goes so well with his Santa Claus)
Which comes with a present and a teddy bear.
UNTIL NOW: there has been nothing much going on, but tonight we have Band Meeting, so I had better shut up, and finish getting ready.